Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yoshi Obayashi/Midnight Ice Cream Promo clip....

Kung Fu B-Boy Skateboarding by Yoshi Obayashi.
Score composed by Bean 0ne.
Cameras by Paul Bond and James Woods.
Edit by Paul Bond.
Spiritual guidance by Tengu.

Midnight IceCream 2011 Promo from Midnight IceCream on Vimeo.

The BMBC is dead. Long live the BMBC.

black market bank club. we did the damn thing. the dream was lived, and now the dream is dead. big thanks to everyone who participated without kooking it.

Last Night of the BMBC from black market skateboard shop on Vimeo.

the calamity cubes-skateboard hips

skateboard hips from paul bond on Vimeo.

joey henry and kody oh of the calamity cubes came by the park on a day off from their whirlwind world tour for some much needed r and r, but we're jerks down at the bridge, so we made them sing for us before we let them skate. they obliged us with a touching ballad about bridge life.

show them boys some love at

bridge life. october twelfth, two thousand and ten. from paul bond on Vimeo.

joey henry of the calimity cubes providing a little inspiration for the session. bridge life. picking. grinning. et cetera.

thousands of screaming fans.

black market skateboards. seattle's grown man skateshop.

Blood Wizard Seattle clip.

Blood Wizard came through town on their tour last summer, and a few clips i filmed ended up in this montage they made. stoked.

Search for the Mongo Monster...Episode 7 from Blood Wizard on Vimeo.

Marginal Way
Blood Wizard, Wes Cooper, Chris Senn, Chris Connoly, Anakin Senn, Jack Given, Jerry Gurney, Ben Krahn, Nich Kunz, Tristen Moss, Rob mason, Toad, Jesse Noonan,

Planet Earth Clothing/Marginal Way Skatepark Documentary.

Much of the skate and build footage in these clips was shot by me. Pretty much everything that's not HD or super8 is mine. One of the first "legit" places my stuff has ended up. Pretty hyped.

bank robber. robbing banks and stuff.

remember when you were a kid, and every time you'd go to a bank or post office or whatever, and you'd think to yourself, "man, you could build a miniramp in here..."

well, we did it.

Can you smell that smell? Smells like death and stuff.

if there was a nose made out of concrete, and you happened to have a friend that could do a bunch of creative tricks on that nose, you'd be foolish NOT to make a montage to skynrd's "that smell," right? i mean really. it seems like a no-brainer.

max knows the nose from paul bond on Vimeo.

there's a nose made out of concrete at marginal way.

Sleestock shotgun contest.

something to tell the grandkids about.

The mighty Traindodge

a few videos from a show on mother's day 2009 at the rendezvous in Seattle, Wa....

stop and stare

bag of vipers

rats on wires

did the show with two cameras, one on a tripod high up in the back of the room, and a handheld cam with a fisheye. took the audio form the back of the room camera, along with a feed from the front of house mixing board. fun times. maybe i'll actually put some work into a "real" edit form this show. traindodge is a juggernaut live.

Reese Records-Down For Life.

`Reese Records. from paul bond on Vimeo.

reese loves marginal, and marginal loves reese. down for life.

Uncomplicated, akin to the Sabbath prior to the noonhour.

a rough montage of my friends falling off their skateboards. big ups to faith no more.
kinda gave up on the edit midway through, so the end is a bit disjointed. you get what you pay for.

Mikey Chin. Burnside. Dang.

Mikey Chin. Criminally slept on. drops stuff like this constantly.

carl at hood river...

hood river oregon. one of the funnest parks around. originally just a crappy ashtray bowl built by a local driveway guys, added onto by dreamland and benchmark, and now a full-on DIY paradise that just keeps growing. cool locals, a stream gap.... highly recommended. here's a couple lines from my friend carl a few years back.

ten twenty-"lay your hammer down"

another music video thingy. filmed in an afternoon, edited that night.

Dirtball redux.

another clip of my friend dirtball, aka Tony LeCount.


My old roommate, Nate Dority. Moving images set to music and stuff. Grrr. Hesh.

Point Defiance-"Low"

a video i did for a band called Point Defiance, on Rouge Island Records.

Sleestock. A gathering of lke-minded individuals in pursuit of recreational activities.

Sleestak is a feared interweb gang.

Happy birthday to me.

My friends took me to some fullpipes for my birthday, and all i got was wrecked. happy birfdaye. party, bacardi, shawtee, etc.

surf is officially UP.

germ. lurking on a level bridge trolls worldwide aspire to. back on the streets to break hearts. lock up your wimminfolk.

the hazards of wheelbite when follow filming.

sometimes, you get knocked the fuck out.

Hippie Jumps are so hot right now...

too bad i suck at them.

Dirtball. Ames, Iowa.

Ladies and gentlemen, may i present- Dirtball/Tony LeCount.

he lands stuff, too.

seasonal affective disorder therapy sessions.

some footage from a winter evening at justin hindry's miniramp in his garage in portland, oregon. justin is one of the guys behind the shrunken head skateshop/jivaro wheels juggernaut in portland, and one of the best dudes ever.


my old roomate brandon minear had a bit of footage, which i edited to a song he was pretty bummed on.

brandon is a lot of fun to skate with...

laughs galore.
he has some other footage floating around too...

he runs a skateshop in missouri nowadays. good dude, heart of gold, etc.

burnside montage. be gentle.

My first attempt at editing. Canon zr-60, clip-on fisheye, and iMovie. Exported to CD-ROM quality. Straight-up killing it.

At least the Q footage at the end is funny...